Electronic Download Delivery Products:

If your product(s) states it is delivered by an electronic delivery method or download, you will receive the required product or license key in the email you specified on your order with us. Please ensure that the email address on your account is accurate. To minimize loss due to fraud, we reserves the right to require any customer to provide a verified email address prior to delivery of electronic goods. Non-verified email addresses may cause a delay in processing and delivery of your order

All of the Downloadable Software resold function much like a scratch-and-win lottery ticket. Once we’ve emailed the product key, it will be deemed “used” or “opened”, similar to scratching off a lottery ticket. Once a downloadable software product is delivered to your email address, it is not returnable. This includes products, ‘accidentally purchased’ – ‘purchased by mistake,’ ‘incompatible products’, ‘or simply change of mind’… – including, ‘no longer wanting the product.’

Once a downloadable software product is delivered to your email address, it is not returnable. We understand that installing downloadable software can sometimes have difficulties. In the circumstances where you are unable to get your software installed, we have support technicians on staff that will assist you in getting your software installed. Our full-service support technicians will even connect to your computer remotely to install your software for you if necessary. Your order will be eligible for a refund only in the rare circumstance where our support technician is unable to install your software. The premise is that you must 100% cooperate with the technical engineers to provide remote technical support for you.

Regarding Some software requires the key to be added to the account before it can be downloaded : Please be aware that once a product key is added to your account it cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged. Once a product key has been registered to a account it is forever tethered to that account and cannot be removed – even if you haven’t downloaded the software or you made a mistake and ordered a Windows version instead of a Mac version or vice versa. Once you add a product key to your account, it is yours forever, and there is no way to un-assign it from your account, therefore it cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

Products that are received in any of the following conditions are not eligible for return and may be rejected:

1. The software installation encountered difficulties and refused our technical engineers to provide remote assistance.
2. Do not cooperate with the remote assistance provided by our technical engineers.
3. Your computer doesn’t meet software install System Requirements.
4. you made a mistake and ordered a Windows version instead of a Mac version or vice versa. and software product key License ( Serial number ) is delivered to your email address.

Our is dedicated to being the best online software store, with the high quality products you need at unbeatable prices. Our profits are very low. Guaranteed Genuine Licensed Software
We guarantee all of our products are 100% authentic, legitimately licensed software products that are brand new. We take issues of pirated software very seriously so we verify that all software is 100% genuine before it is shipped out or available for download from a customer.We are a proudly locally owned business, created and managed by people who truly care about our customers. Each and every day, we work hard to earn our reputation as a trusted and legitimate business, and a safe and secure online shopping destination for you.

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